Best Affordable Handbags

Find the Best Affordable Handbags

Looking for the best affordable handbags, and by best I mean – handbags that are not only made well but also stylish, is quite the challenge. My personal qualifications for a great handbag would include that it’s made of real leather (if not 100% then at least well mixed) and the ability to look stylish for more than just one season. The reason I lean toward leather handbags (knowing they cost more) is simply because they’re more durable and last longer. Most women are unable to change their handbags on a daily basis so chances are your handbags will take a lot of abuse.

In addition to lasting longer, a good quality leather handbag is hard to ignore and will create the illusion you’re wearing more expensive clothing even when you’re not. Now that you understand my qualifications and justifications for a good quality leather handbag, here is a list of where to find the best affordable handbags that also pack a lot of style (pun intended).

1. Zara

If you read the blog (which I hope you do) or follow on Instagram,  it will become very apparent I am a huge fan of Zara. They’re by far the best retailer at pushing out both covetable and affordable styles. And when it comes to women’s handbags they don’t disappoint. Although not all of their bags are made of real leather, there’s usually a nice selection of bags that are. Reminder: check the labels when in store or filter by leather when shopping on the web.

Zara Camel Leather Bucket Bag

Leather Bucket Bag, $139

2. Nordstrom Rack

If you really want a designer purse but don’t want to pay the hefty price tag that usually comes along, you’re best bet is with Nordstrom Rack. They have a nice selection of good quality name brand handbags that are generously discounted to fit most budgets.
Botkier Soho Leather Bite Size Tote

Botkier Soho Leather Tote, $149

3. J.Crew

The handbags, I personally own, that have received the most compliments were purchased at J.Crew. Yes, many of their leather goods are pricey for the budget shopper but they also do manage to sneak in a bag or two that are more affordable. And if you’re patient enough to wait until an extra discount is offered (particularly during the Holiday season or the end of seasons) you can walk away with a great quality purse to love forever.

J.Crew Edit Bag Pale Stone

Pale Stone Edit Bag, $98

4. The Cambridge Satchel Company

This UK brand, ironically, is still very much under the fashion radar but by far has the largest selection of affordable, quality handbags with eternal style. Many of their handbags start under $155 and are beautifully constructed. It’s a must visit when on the hunt for the best affordable handbags.

The Cambridge Satchel Company Medium Plush Lock Red Bag

The Large Push Lock Shoulder Bag, $155

5. Madewell

No surprise here — this sister company of J.Crew produces amazing handbags as well. The quality is exceptional and designed to live in virtually any wardrobe. Prices range from $85-$188.

Madewell Transport Crossbody Affordable Handbag

The Transport Crossbody, $148

6. The Outnet

If you won’t settle for anything less than a designer handbag but still trying to avoid paying full price, then The Outnet should be the first place you visit. They feature only established or emerging designer bags on their site. This increases your chances of scoring a one of kind designer purse for less than what you would normally pay.
Rebecca Minkoff Marlowe Mini Shoulder Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Shoulder Bag, $145

7. T.J. Maxx

T.J. Maxx is also a good resource for affordable leather handbags with designer labels sprinkled into their assortment. When a brand over produces a product or a store cancels their orders on them, T.J. Maxx buys the excess stock at the lowest price possible to pass on the savings. This why you can expect to find amazing deals on quality or designer handbags.

Latico Flap Front Leather Messenger

Flap Front Leather Messenger Bag, $49


ASOS sells its own line of leather handbags along with other brands that don’t compromise on price or style. Most of their bags sell for less than $150, and they also sell vintage bags, if you truly want a one of a kind bag.

Whistles Leather Rivington Purse

Whistles Leather Rivington Purse, $121

9. Yoox

Yoox, the sister company of the ultra-luxe Net-a-Porter, carries a nice selection of affordable leather handbags from brands you know and love to new ones under the radar. When searching on their site be sure to filter by your max price since they also carry much more expensive luxury brands so you weed out the higher priced bags.

Yoox 8 Silver Handbag

Silver 8 Handbag, $104

10. Modern Citizen

For modern and minimal affordable handbags you’ll definitely want to check out Modern Citizen. Although the brand sells a full product line that includes clothing and jewelry, they don’t skimp on design or quality when it comes to their handbags as well.

modern citizen cartagena Leather Circle Bag

11. Neiman Marcus Last Call

Still looking for a designer labeled handbag? Then you need to check out Last Call for a large selection of branded purses at discounted prices.

Channing Small Leather Messenger Bag

Channing Small Leather Messenger Bag, $124


Is there a store or brand you would add to the best affordable handbags list? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

Also if you’re a brand that would like to be added to the list, please feel free to contact. 


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