Gift Ideas For The Woman Who Has Everything

Great Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

Ugh…the frustration to find desirable gifts for the woman who has everything! Not to mention your budget doesn’t even allow for anything designer labeled which we all know she loves. Maybe she’s your sister, best friend or co-worker buddy — the point is, she’s someone special you want to make happy with your gift.

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Daya by Zendaya Fashion Line

What to Love from Zendaya’s New Fashion Line: Daya by Zendaya

It’s official, the once Disney Channel star turned social media activist has unveiled her new, affordable fashion line aptly named Daya by Zendaya. The young star has really upped her fashion and hair style game over the past few years, helping to fuel the curiosity of what her namesake collection would look like. And for the most part, the line doesn’t disappoint by including both plus sizes ranging from 0-22 and being affordable to the masses with retails maxing out at $158.

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