10 affordable sunglasses that look expensive

10 Affordable Sunglasses That Look Expensive

Finding affordable sunglasses that look expensive was once very hard to accomplish. We all know a great pair of sunnies is the icing on the cake to any great outfit (plus keeps the unwanted eye wrinkles away) but for a long time, only designer sunglasses offered great style and quality. Thankfully this has changed with more than a handful of great brands delivering both on-trend and good quality sunglasses at affordable prices.

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Off The Shoulder Not Out Of Style

Don’t Shrug Off This Trend Just Yet

Fear not my fashion friends, the off the shoulder trend is not out of style just yet. Designers and retailers are still pushing this look. Even as one shoulder tops increase in popularity, the off the shoulder look is here to stay (at least for this Spring and Summer). If you’re on the fence about its longevity, I advise not to spend too much on updating this trend which is why Forever 21’s collection of them is the best place to start. This way you’re not investing too much if it’s over by next year.

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Best Affordable Handbags

Find the Best Affordable Handbags

Looking for the best affordable handbags, and by best I mean – handbags that are not only made well but also stylish, is quite the challenge. My qualifications for a great handbag would include that it’s made of real leather (if not 100% then at least well mixed) and the ability to look stylish for more than just one season. The reason I lean toward leather handbags (knowing they cost more) is simply because they’re more durable and last longer. Most women are unable to change their handbags on a daily basis so chances are your handbags will take a lot of abuse.

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