Fashion Help



Need fashion help? Here’s what you should know when shopping on a budget…

  • You should buy items not only based on price, but quality as well. You have hit the fashion jack pot when a great quality piece is discovered at at an amazing price!
  • You should invest (spend the most) on outerwear, shoes and affordable handbags. Why? For starters these items ultimately get the most usage from your wardrobe so they need to be of decent quality to carry you through a season or more (classics like a trench coat could even stretch a couple of seasons). Also, I have found when you spend more on these key categories it elevates what you are wearing- what you spent less on now looks like more since you spent on these important statement pieces.
  • You should spend less on trendy items. This is common advice but vital so you are making the most of your precious spending power.
  • You should focus on adding a few key pieces each season to your wardrobe and NOT a wardrobe overhaul. This helps you develop a personal style versus looking like you just raided H&M or Zara.
  • You should focus on buying accessories when short on cash. Buying a pair of great statement earrings or skinny scarf will give your outfits new life!



  • You should not max out your credit cards to keep up with your fashion addiction. There are many clever ways to find good deals and the funds you need to shop- one being following this blog (I know, shameless plug).
  • You should not buy sale items in multiple colors unless it is a true basic such as a t-shirt. We all know you will wear one color more than the other(s) so choose the color you love most!
  • You should not buy a trendy piece that does not compliment your body as well. Fit will always rule over trend so make sure it fits your body well (i.e. crop tops, short shorts and the likes are not made for everyone).
  • You should not make a purchase online (and even in store) without first checking for discount coupons, free shipping and other promotions! A quick google search always does the trick!
  • You should not just skimp through fashion magazine but READ them as well. I have seen so many women only admire the beautiful photography for inspiration but there is so much to be learned by reading the amazing insights and advice of the fashion editors.