What to Shop from Target's A New Day Clothing Line

What to Shop from Target’s A New Day Clothing Line

If you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Target’s new clothing, A New Day, it’s for good reason. The clothing line hits all the right fashion wants with quality and affordability that is hard to pass up! Target had big shoes to fill as this new clothing line serves as the replacement for Target’s previous popular fashion lines Missimo and Merino. But in true Target fashion (no pun intended) they’ve created a line that will make you want to update your Fall wardrobe ASAP!

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7 Affordable Slouch Boots To Love Like Rihanna’s YSL Crystal Boots

If you loved Rihanna’s Saint Laurent slouchy crystal boots then you’ll obsess over this lineup of affordable slouch boots for the upcoming Fall season. Her $10,000 wait listed crystal encrusted slouch version is a far stretch for the average women’s budget but the fast fashion community was quick to recreate affordable and stylish ones we can all indulge in as well.  From satin to patent leather or rhinestones, there’s a pair of slouchy boots for every taste level.

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