What to Shop from Target's A New Day Clothing Line

What to Shop from Target’s A New Day Clothing Line

If you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Target’s new clothing, A New Dayit’s for good reason. The clothing line hits all the right fashion wants with quality and affordability that is hard to pass up! Target had big shoes to fill as this new clothing line serves as the replacement for Target’s previous popular fashion lines Missimo and Merino. But in true Target fashion (no pun intended) they’ve created a line that will make you want to update your Fall wardrobe ASAP! It’s also size-inclusive with many of the great trend pieces available in sizes up to 4X!

To help you sort through the large selection, I’ve rounded up the top 9 items you’ll want to shop first (all under $35)!

Scroll down to view the complete list of what to shop from Target’s A New Day clothing line.

Plaid Boyfriend Blazer

Targets A New Day Plaid Blazer

Buy it! Plaid Boyfriend Blazer, $35, Target

The plaid boyfriend blazer is the must-have item of the season.

Red Ruffle Neck-Tie Dress

Targets A New Day Womens Ruffle Tie-Neck A-Line Dress

Buy it! Red Tie-Neck Dress, $28, Target

You definitely want to incorporate red into your wardrobe for Fall and this playful neck-tie dress is a great way to start.

Extra Long Hoodie

Target A New Day Hoodie Tunic Sweater Gray

Buy it! Long Sleeve Hoodie Tunic, $25, Target

Love a long hoodie especially when styled with a great pair of slouchy boots.

Statment Sleeve Shirt

Targets A New Day Tiered Sleeve Shirt Blue/White

Buy It! Tiered Sleeve Shirt, $25, Target

Shirts with interest are a must in every wardrobe, love this tiered version.

Embroidered Denim Jacket

Targets A New Day Embroidered Denim Jacket

Buy It! Embroidered Denim Jacket, $30, Target

The embroidered detail of “hello sunshine” makes this denim jacket feel different from the rest.

Satin Cami

Targets A New Day Satin Cami Cream

Buy It! Satin Cami, $18, Target

The satin cami is still an important part of building great outfits this season.

Straight Leg Track Pants

Targets A New Day Straight Leg Track Pants

Buy It! Track Pants, $25, Target

The versatility of these track pants is everything – wear day or night.

Targets A New Day Bell Sleeve Poplin Shirt

Buy It! Bell Sleeve Poplin Shirt, $25, Target

The bell sleeve will still be your favorite blouse to wear especially in this updated poplin material.

Pointed Studded Ballet Flats

Target A New Day Hillary Pointed Toe Ballet Flats

Buy It! Studded Ballet Flats, $20, Target

These flats go with everything and for $20 it’s a steal!

Which item was your favorite? Leave in the comments below, love to hear your feedback!

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