Tiffany Rey Style Uncovered Budget Fashion Blog

Style Uncovered is a budget fashion blog inspired by a love for designer fashion I simply can’t afford, yet! (sigh) Like most women I read the high-end fashion magazines, know all of the best fashion bloggers by name and follow them, along with the biggest celebrity trendsetters, on Instagram. The problem is most of what they wear are way out of my budget, leaving me to spend most of my time trying to find these looks for much less money.

After years of online searching I developed a knack for finding affordable versions of the latest fashion trends and wanted to share my findings with other women pressed for time and cash like myself. But as most hopeful entrepreneurs I fell into the mental trap of there’s just not enough time (working full-time and  being a first time mother).

I promised myself if I was ever laid off from my corporate fashion job I would finally share my affordable, stylish finds with the fashion world…then it happened, I was laid off, and Style Uncovered was born.

My fashion philosophy is simple — dress the way you want to feel and the very best of who you are will become a reality. Don’t keep telling yourself you’ll dress better when you have more money. Make the best with what you can afford now so you start feeling your best and begin pursuing those dreams you keep putting off.


Tiffany Rey

P.S. Random Facts to know about Me!

*I am from and based in NY*

*I have worked in the Fashion Industry my entire career – mainly as a Fashion Merchandiser (everything from a high-end contemporary line to costume jewelry)*

*I am the mother of a lovable and energetic toddler boy – Jax William!*