Best Bathing Suits to Hide Stomach Fat Tummy

Stylish, Affordable Bathing Suits That Hide Your Tummy

As the warm weather approaches or a long awaited sunny vacation, many women find themselves in the torturous battle to find stylish and affordable bathing suits that also hide unwanted stomach fat. Finding a flattering swimsuit when you’re not so happy with your tummy is a challenge for all body types which include both “skinny fat” and plus size body frames. And most bathing suits designed to control tummy bulge are typically not the most stylish and super expensive.

To combat this problem, I have scoured the web to find the best bathing suits that not only hide stomach fat but are also super cute and affordable! There are many swimsuit designs, prints, and colors to help disguise the unwanted tummy and once you know what to look for you will no longer struggle to find a bathing suit you will love and feel comfortable in.

Scroll down to see a complete list of the best bathing suits to hide your tummy!

1. Tiered Ruffles

Tiered ruffle swimsuits are a great way to disguise a belly for any body type. It is also helpful at hiding unwanted back fat if the tiers wrap around to the back of the swimsuit.

Layered Tiered Ruffle Tankini Swimsuit

Layered Ruffle Tankini, $39, Just Fab

(also available in black)

Tiered Ruffle Black One Piece Bathing Suit

Tiered Ruffle Black One Piece Swimsuit, $45, Target

(also available in blue)

2. Light Top & Darker Bottom

Color blocked swimsuits that feature a lighter color on the top and darker color on the bottom half create the perfect illusion as most people’s eyes will be drawn to the lighter top half part of the swimsuit.


Top Shop Scallop One-Piece Swimsuit

Scallop One Piece Bathing Suit, $60, Nordstrom

Unique Vintage Retro Green and White Color Block Bathing Suit

Retro Two Piece Color Block Swimsuit, $52, Unique Vintage

3. Patterns

Patterns are a great way to distract from the unwanted tummy especially when the pattern helps to define your waist.

Style We Venus Queen One Piece Bathing Suit

Venus Queen Halter One Piece Bathing Suit, $52, StyleWe

Womens slimming control high neck one piece target

Slimming Control Floral High Neck Swimsuit, $60 $52, Target

(also available in black and plus sizes)

4. High Waisted

Thank goodness high waisted swimsuits came back in style! The higher waist helps to support a bottom pouch you want to hide.

Cupshe Dare the Sea Stripe Bikini Set

White High Waisted Bikini Set, $24, Cupshe

Unique Vintage Monroe Traingle High Wai

Monroe Triangle Bikini Top, $26, Zappos

Monroe Vintage High Waisted Bottom, $31, Zappos

(also available in different colors)

5. Peplum

Peplum tankini tops are great also for disguising unwanted belly fat and love handles. The extra material hangs off your waistline helping to create a more seamless look.

Cupshe Peplum Bottomless Sea Falbala Bikini Set

Peplum Sea Falbala Bikini Set, $27, Cupshe

Cupshe Center Grey Stripe Tankini Set

Grey Stripe Peplum Bikini Set, $25, Cupshe

6. All Black

Of course, all black works for bathing suits as well! Black is slimming for all body types and is great for looking slimmer on the beach.

Ruffle Off The Shoulder Black One Piece Old Navy

Black Off The Shoulder Swimsuit, $40 $24, Old Navy

Cupshe Call of Wildness Black One Piece Bathing Suit

Black One Piece Swimsuit, $30, Cupshe

7. Blouson Top

The blouson top is the easiest way to hide your unwanted tummy since it bags over the entire top portion of the swimsuit. This bathing suit style work particularly well if you are also subconscious about back fat.

Blouson Swimsuit Coral Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto Blouson Swimsuit, $48,

(also available in white and navy blue)

Blouson Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit

Blouson Bandeau One Piece, $35, Target

(also available in blue)

Was this post helpful? Are there any other bathing suit styles you would add to the list to help with hidhing an unwanted tummy? Please let me know in the comments below!

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