10 affordable sunglasses that look expensive

10 Affordable Sunglasses That Look Expensive

Finding affordable sunglasses that look expensive was once very hard to accomplish. We all know a great pair of sunnies is the icing on the cake to any great outfit (plus keeps the unwanted eye wrinkles away) but for a long time, only designer sunglasses offered great style and quality. Thankfully this has changed with more than a handful of great brands delivering both on-trend and good quality sunglasses at affordable prices.

Now you don’t have to worry as much about misplacing or losing your beloved sunglasses with the affordability, style and quality of this crop of sunglasses brands changing the game. The list below features sunglasses all for $100 or less (mostly $60 or less)!

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This Chicago-based retailer is a MUST if you’re looking for designer quality and on-trend sunglasses while shopping on a budget, prices range from $40-$60.

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Freyrs Margot Cat Eye Sunglasses

Margot Oversized Cat Eye, $40


Quay Australia

Fashion bloggers are obsessed with Quay Australia and with one quick look on their site, you’ll understand why. Prices range from $50-$60.


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Quay Australia Super Girl Cat Eye Sunglasses


Super Girl, $60

Le Specs

All of Olivia Palermo’s favorite affordable sunnies come from this covetable brand and so can yours with prices ranging from $60-$120 (depending on how fancy you want to get with it).

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Le Specs Hey Macarena Sunglasses

Hey Macarena, $59


For a true budgetnista, Spitfire will be your new best friend when shopping for on-trend sunglasses with prices ranging from $40-$60.

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Gypsy Moth Spitfire Sunglasses

Gypsy Moth, $39

Warby Parker

Yes, the brand you know and love for affordable eyewear also has awesome sunnies! You can expect great designer quality and style with prices ranging from $95-$145.

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Warby Parker Dorothy Sunglasses

Dorothy, $95 

 A.J. Morgan

If funds are really tight then A.J. Morgan is your best bet for shades that will give you a designer look for a low price with retails starting at $24 and maxing out at $50.

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A.J. Morgan Cat D 53mm Sunglasses

Cat D 53mm, $24

Genuine People

For many brands that carry a large assortment of products, sunglasses are usually a small part of their offering — this is not the case with Genuine People. The brand has a large selection of cool styles available at really attainable prices starting at $49.

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Genuine People Pointed Cat Eye Sunglasses

Pointed Cat Eye Sunglasses, $59

VOW London

This Uk-based sunglasses brand is getting much-deserved attention with sunglasses that scream designer without the cost. Prices range from $80-$120.

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VOW London Edie 51mm Round Sunglasses

Edie 51mm Round, $100

Cheap Monday

Cheap may be in the brand’s name but their styles create the illusion you spent way more than you actually did with an average price of $38 for their sunglasses.

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Cheap Monday Cat Eye Sunglasses Tortoise Print

Tortoise-Print Cat Eye, $38

Urban Outfitters

The retailer giant is the perfect place to score affordable sunglasses including a line of their own with prices mostly under $18!

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Urban Outfitters VIP Cat-Eye Sunglasses

VIP Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $18

Do you love any of these affordable sunglasses that look expensive? If so, which one? Leave in the comment below!

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