Save Money by Developing a Signature Style

I know it seems ironic developing a signature style would save you money, but oddly enough it does. To really wrap our brains around this concept lets first begin by explaining what exactly a signature style is, how to develop it and, finally, why developing one will save you money.

What is a Signature Style?

Whether we know it or not, we all have a signature style. The problem is we don’t always highlight it in a way that makes it noticeable to others and, most importantly, to ourselves. Has someone ever told you they saw a piece of clothing and thought it was something you would wear? Indirectly, they are describing what makes your style unique. A signature style is a sense of style that is unique to you and not necessarily driven by the latest trends. How it works is certain trends will fit with your personal style but your style will never be dictated by the trends. Your signature style is what makes both your style and what’s unique about you memorable to others.

To visualize, see below list of stylish celebrities and a few things that define their signature style:

Gwen Stefani – Platinum blonde hair, red lips and vintage sense of style.

Gwen Stefani Signature Style


Kim Kardashian – Neutral colors, body hugging clothing and high heels.

Kim Kardashian Signature Style


Rihanna– Fashion forward (not afraid to adopt trends early), long nails and a love for accessorizing.

Rihanna Signature Style


How to Develop a Signature Style?

In order to develop a signature style you need to do a little homework on your personal taste, what works best for your body and have it available to reference often.

To begin, create a note somewhere handy such as your Notes in your Iphone, an S Note on your Samsung Galaxy or with EverNote (a personal favorite) and label the note as My Style. The purpose of this is to have a constant reminder, quickly available, of what you are trying to communicate through your personal style so you make better decision while out shopping or shopping online.

Copy the below outline and fill in the answers to discover your unique sense of style (I have filled in my as an example):

Style Described in 3 words:

Classic, minimal and forward.

Items I Wear Most Often & Feel My Best In:

Skinny jeans, flowy and button down tops, maxi dresses and leather jacket.

Favorite Colors:

Neutrals (black, grey or beige) and hints of colors and/or prints.

Shoe Preference:

Flats and mid-high heels.


Rings, stud or bold earrings, ankle bracelets and structured handbags.


Minimal make-up, focus on the eyes with well manicured eyebrows, mascara and liner. Love a nude or bold lip as well.

Trends that Fit My Style:

Athleisure (new all white sneakers- works since I love flats)

Off the shoulder top (works with my style since I love flowy tops and can find a flowy version)

Choker Necklace (fits with my minimal sense of style)

*Update each season with 3-5 trend items that work with your style to keep you on target with a healthy balance of what you already love and own with new additions.

In addition, it would helpful to maintain a photo album (on your phone) of outfits you felt really good in and loved. That way you can browse through them often and become aware of the common threads that made those looks a love for you. I would also recommend creating a Pinterest board and storing looks of outfits that work with your signature style.

And that’s it! A simple way to get started. The goal is for at least 70% of your wardrobe to be of the items and colors you already feel your best in and fill the remaining 30% with newness.

Also check out Where to Shop if you’re still in need of some style direction.

Why Develop One and How Does it Save Me Money?

Now that you know what a signature style is and how to develop one, the question remains why do this in the first place and how will it save me money? A unique sense of style reflects how you feel about yourself and how you want to communicate that with others. What do you want people to remember about you? What are you trying to accomplish in life? What is your brand? Your style is an unspoken introduction of yourself so make sure it’s what you want to communicate to others of how you feel on the inside. Of course, your style isn’t the full story of who you are but you can use it to your advantage to feel confident when communicating your story- making it unforgettable.

So now you’re thinking that’s great and all but how will this save me money?

You Save by Not Having to Shop a Whole New Wardrobe Each Season

The great thing about having a signature style is you will be so in tune with your style preferences that you will already own pieces in your closet to love beyond just one season. As a result, you will not need to redo your wardrobe (or feel unsatisfied) each time a new season approaches because you are happy with most of what you already own. This saves you major money by only needing to buy a few new items each season versus a lot of new pieces or constantly thinking  I have nothing to wear!

Less Shopping Mistakes

You will make less shopping mistakes! You remember that shirt or dress hanging in your closet with the tag still on? You may have bought it because it was on trend or on super sale but it’s actually a loss to you if you never actually wear it. You can stay clear of buying items for the wrong reasons by knowing what works for your style and body when you’re shopping- ultimately saving you money that would normally go to waste by impulsive decision making with no clear style direction.

Get More of Your Money’s Worth with Investment Pieces

A bonus of having a signature style is you can take the risk of spending a little more on investment pieces such as  a leather jacket, sleek pair of pumps or handbag because you will own it for quite a while (or even forever). This also saves money in the long run because you will use those black pumps for years to come so you don’t need to repurchase each year or every other year.

Is my Signature Style Forever?

Your signature style does not have to be the same forever but the idea of giving your style direction through a signature style will not only keep you looking your best but saving you money for years to come.

Please feel free to leave comments below. Was this post helpful? Are there any other points I may have missed that you can provide? I love to receive your feedback! xoxo

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