The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Halloween

Some Halloweens you’re on the hunt for the best costume possible and others you look for easy, lazy Halloween costume ideas to make you feel festive with little effort. If you’re in the latter position this season, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re looking for something simple but cute to wear to the office party or while taking your kids trick or treating — these options will get the job done easily for the lazy girl this Halloween.

Scroll down to view the complete list of lazy Halloween costume ideas! 

Halloween T-Shirt with Leggings

Nothing screams lazy like a t-shirt with leggings! And these t-shirts make a statement without much effort on your end.


Bowdown Witches T-Shirt, $17, ASOS / Witch Better Have My Candy T-Shirt, $17, ASOS / Maternity Halloween Skeleton Pumpkin Shirt, $35, ASOS / Skeleton Leggings, $13, H&M 

Halloween Masks

A Halloween mask can always do the trick! Wear an all-black outfit to match (or all-white with the bunny ears) for an easy and super affordable costume idea.


Leopard Cat Mask, $10, H&M / White Bunny Ear Mask, $10, H&M / Black Bunny Ear Headband, $14, ASOS

Easy Halloween Statements

These items are great because they’re a quick and easy statement for the lazy girl this Halloween!


I’m A Cat Hoodie, $16, Romwe / Floral Garlan Headband, $13, ASOS / Ghost Ballet Flats, $35, ASOS

Dressed Up For Halloween

Ok, so maybe you have somewhere fancy to be but still don’t feel like wearing a costume! These items will have you feeling dressed up without all the extra effort.


Skeleton Black Dress, $25, H&M / Vampire Lips Top, $13, H&M / Black Skeleton Bodysuit, $15, H&M

Which lazy girl look do you want? Leave in the comments below!


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