Keep Cool Summer Outfits South Moon Under

Stay Cool With South Moon Under Summer Outfits

Cute Summer outfits to keep you cool in the heat can prove challenging in the warmer months but lucky for us South Moon Under’s online boutique can do just that. In case you’re unfamiliar with the site, South Moon Under is an East Coast boutique chain that expanded its reach with an online store featuring items from their own private labels, established brands (i.e. Free People, Dolce Vita) and emerging designers. In other words, they’re a go to site for good quality, affordable fashion.

The overall aesthetic of the site is upscale casual which works particularly well when trying to get dressed during the Summer. And as luck would have it, they are currently running a promotion for 30% off sale items so you can stack up on good quality Summer clothes to wear now and the following year!

To help you get started I created three outfits (all items $90 or less — mostly $50 or less) that are not only super stylish but can also keep you super cool in the heat!

Scroll down to see the outfits created!

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South Moon Under Summer Outfits 2017

Pepaloves Eye Stripes T-Shirt, $58 / Abbeline Navy Wrap Shorts, $28 /

Ashlee Lace Back Platform Heels, $90

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South Moon Under Summer Outfit 2017

Spider Cage Cami Top, $11 / Free People Denim Skirt, $50 /  

Namaste Baseball Hat, $28

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South Moon Under Abbeline Palm Wrap Dress

Abbeline Palm Wrap Dress, $98 $53 / Natural Stone Drop Earrings, $21 /

Light Pink Woven Clutch, $48 $25

Which outfit is your favorite? Leave in the comments below!


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