What Jeans Are In Style 2017 Jeans Under $100

5 Jean Styles Under $100 Every Girl Needs to Own Now

Need to know what jeans are in style for 2017 and where to buy them for under $100? Then you’ve arrived at the proper internet destination. Your jeans are the workhorse of your wardrobe and finding the right pair to add into the rotation is key to having endless outfit options. Lucky for us, 2017 has brought along with it new jean style options that will allow you to give your skinny jeans some rest. And if you’ve been wondering if skinny jeans are still in style, the answer is 100% a yes! These new jeans styles are meant as additions to your denim wardrobe not a replacement for them.

From raw hem to fishnet added with jeans, the new options are endless and desirable.

Scroll down to view the complete list of new jean styles under $100!

1. Frayed (Raw) or Fringed Hem Jeans

Frayed or raw hem jeans have been gaining traction since last year but they are now officially here to stay. You’ll need a pair asap if you don’t own a pair already.

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Uniqlo Women Ultra Strech Black Jean Frayed Hem

Ultra Stretch Black Jeans, $39.90, Uniqlo

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Top Shop MOTO Fringe Hem Jamie Jeans

MOTO Fringed Hem Jamie Jeans, $90, Top Shop

(FYI: For a limited time Top Shop is offering 20% off if you’re a student)

2. Embroidered Jeans

We can thank Gucci for the embroidered jean trend. Thankfully, the fast fashion retailers jumped on the trend quickly with many options now created for the masses.

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ASOS BooHoo High Rise Embroidered Skinny Jeans

High Rise Embroidered Skinny Jeans, $49, ASOS

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Zara Embroidered Floral Jeans with Embroidery

Jeans With Floral Embroidery, $39.90, Zara

3. Distressed Mom Jeans

Yes, Mom jeans are now deemed in style. Opting for the distressed versions will make this style feel updated and vintage all at once.

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H&M Straight Cropped Vintage Jeans

Vintage High Cropped Jeans, $39.99, H&M

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American Eagle Outfitters AEO Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans, $49.95, AEO

4. Straight Leg Jeans

The straight leg jean is the older sister to your favorite skinny jeans — a bit more modest and sophisticated. This style will work particularly with your sock ankle boots this Fall.

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Levi 714 Straight Leg Jeans

714 Straight Jeans, $60 $30, Levis

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Top Shop Dark Blue Raw Hem Straight Jeans

Raw Hem Straight Leg Jeans, $75, Top Shop

5. Jeans With Fishnet (Mesh)

The fishnet and jeans craze began earlier in the year but to make life simpler brands have combined the two in one jean — pure genius!

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Zara High Waist Jeans with Mesh Fishnet Stockings

High Waist Jeans With Mesh, $49.90, Zara

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Top Shop MOTO Fishnet Jamie Jeans

MOTO Fishnet Jamie Jeans, $95, Top Shop

Which new jean style is your favorite and how would you style them? Leave in the comments below!

One thought on “5 Jean Styles Under $100 Every Girl Needs to Own Now

  1. My favourite are the ankle length jeans that have a split hem ( not shown above ) I call it the mullet hem. Short in the front and longer in the back. lol. My go to jeans at the moment are from old navy and they have huge holes in the knees and are distressed ankle length. The best part about them is this new jean fabric they’re using which feels like you’re wearing your pjs !! Bonus is that they’re under $40 or in my case I got the online with promo codes for only $16. Old navy has really stepped up their game with their styles and fabrics. I’m sorry but you’ll never catch me spending more than $25 on a pair of trendy jeans. I love the fringe hem jeans too so instead of buying them I did a DIY pair with an old pair I didn’t use. Turned out amazing.

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